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Producer: Jeff Negrelli
Photography, audio: William Dunkley
Editing: William Dunkley, Jeff Negrelli
Music: "Cluck Old Hen", performed by Fred Corlew


Living on the Edge

Jeff Balch lives in poverty in a trailer on 11 acres of woods owned by his friend Fred Corlew. Balch used to live in Chesterhill, Ohio with his ex-wife and worked as a carpenter. He moved back to Athens County in 2001 to help his father, who passed the same year. He lives without an address, phone number, running water or electricity. “I like staying up in the woods, I have my privacy,” he says. “I survive. It’s a little hard sometimes ... my biggest concern is water.” He gathers water from a local spring that is currently dry. Balch has lived in these woods most of his life and says, “I’d rather die right here ... I’m a country boy.”