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Producer: Kainaz Amaria
Videography, photography: Matt Eich
Editing: Kainaz Amaria


Life with Dan

Beloved Athens local, Dan Foose, 72, can often be seen walking throughout uptown Athens. All his life, Dan has suffered from a severe case of Scoliosis and mental handicaps. Tracie Pittman-Davis has been his caretaker for more than five years. Five days a week, Tracie arrives at 7 a.m. to help Dan with basic necessities such as cooking and shaving. Beyond her daily duties, Tracie takes Dan and his best friend Ed, who also has mental handicaps, shopping every Saturday. "The state tells us not to become too attached to the people we take care of," Tracie says, "But with Dan, I can't really help it. He's family now."