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Producer: Robin O’Shaughnessy
Photography, Audio: Robin O’Shaughnessy
Videography: Go Takayama
Editing: Robin O’Shaughnessy, Kainaz Amaria


Champions In Life

Sam’s Gym in Glouster, Ohio, has long been a place for young men and women to come and learn about boxing and kickboxing from Sam Jones. For over 70 years, young people have crossed the threshold to learn about boxing but have come away with much more.

Sam Jones, 67, has survived cancer and has fought successfully as a professional boxer and as a kick boxer as well. He has run successful businesses and has raised a family with his wife. In addition, he can sing pretty well too.

Nevertheless, what Sam wants you to take away is how to be a champion in life. And it is that passion that keeps him and his wife continually paying the thousands of dollars it takes to keep the gym open for the people who live in economically depressed Athens County.